I fixed this for new files by changing my main project template to use the new MIDI ports. And if I boot the PC with both connected it often blue screens, though both will run together so long as only one device is connected at boot and the other connected after login. As you might know, the stock windows MPU driver allows only 1 program to access the mpu at a given time. In fact, Windows 8 drivers are available. I’m not a fan of m-audio.. Albert i7 K 3. Marco Island, FL Status:

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Surprisingly with the Cakewalk driver, this only happens the first time you try and use a DOS application: But as soon as I loaded an old file or a new file with an old templateit told me that my MIDI ports were clkent.

So I don’t really like any driver Although they haven’t been manufactured in years, Edirol still supports them through updated drivers. Regards, Dan I have that one as well.

I fixed this for new files by changing my main ,ulti template to use the new MIDI ports. Users browsing this forum: View More Photo Galleries. Fog Max Output Level: There is a windows error that informs the user that the MPU is in use by windows.


multi client MPU midi driver

Forums Posts Latest Posts. And yes, sometimes I layer instruments. I wish I could use my yamaha CBX stuffbut they didn’t support that.

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This one is rock-solid: Is the reason you need a 4×4 interface that you record up to 4 instruments at once, or that you have 4 instruments and it’s just more convenient to have them all plugged into a common hub?

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MIDI Interfaces

I need a 4×4 or 5×5 interface, and there don’t seem to be many of these on the market anymore. Board index All times are UTC.

I’m basically OK with my 4×4 but wouldn’t want to work with less. That means I have to throw it in the trash and look for a replacement.

I’m not a fan of m-audio. This works because I use a MIDI multiplexer, which is not under the control of the computer and therefore requires no driver. I don’t remember how I dealt with it then. So with my current 4×4, I have to do some daisy-chaining.


I’ll report back in a few days. It is 4×4 and requires NO drivers other than what comes with Windows 7. Cakewalk only goes up to a 3×3.

MWS setup and record [Archive] – SAWStudio / SAC User Group

I don’t know what has happened to MIDI interfaces. I don’t have direct experience with them, but MOTU has a good reputation in general, so they may be worth a try. This site hosts no abandonware.

There is no material that is knowingly illegal here. This behaviour has persisted through two completely different PC builds and Vista and Win7. This disclaimer is brought to you thanks to the BSA.

Bought it years ago and still working nicely. If that doesn’t work, I’ll report back.