In fact looked better after capture than it did straight from satellite to the digital TV. I don’t anyone answered these from the posts, so I just wanted to be sure on something before I bought one of these to compare it to my ati AIW. Sorry for asking this question again – unfortunately, those with the card haven’t noticed the question and answered it once and for all Raw capture is easy for the system. I dont watch TV on it, though if I did, this would be funky. I’ve tested it with both DV input and an tv-capture card.

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The default IntervidCrap or whatever comes with it is hands down the worst i have ever used. Now I’m on a 2. At least with the Audigy, it significantly cuts down on the background noise that comes out the output of the sound card.

The bundled software is what i used and it looked bad Check out TV Anywhere channels here.

P4S Motherboard pdf manual download Note: MSI without like a 1. Quantitative measure of noise can be misleading because perception depends on randomness of jsi. I dont watch TV on it, though if I did, this would be funky. Quality is very good using Svideo input. No way this is europe!


Support For [email protected] | MSI Global

At least it actually seems to have some real specs. Bear with me here When I upgraded to P4 2Gig and now 3Gig, noise is a thing of the past. Includes the Remote Wonder which I’m very happy about and some other cool features like videosoap to clean up the video.

Send Anywhere is available on all major platforms Desktop. There is no reason to. Had I got the Leadtek nywherw, I probably would have saved some money.

Originally posted by tsingh Hi, 3. I see where there is an [email protected] profile to capture into, but it seems to stay a constant x at kb bitrate. I have recorded the error code and have been dealing with MSI support for the last few weeks, they have been no help. Como tener todo los canales de digital plus en tu pc windows.

Many user’s there have shed the light on their opinion and contributed help Here’s where you can download Free!

Support For [email protected] Plus | MSI Global

The input feed looks like crap on my system!! My nyshere power comes from the decent supply of free internet space hosted in your’s truely’s country, the UK and all I can say is that it damn fast.


BB code is On.

Media Center sees the tuner card and both Media Center and the TV Anywhere software provide great sound however all I get in both is a blank picture sreen.

I posted a similar thread a couple of months ago and didn’t get much of a response. Sign in to Windows 7,or 10, plus at least one of the following web browsers. The winfast allowed recording to rgb24, yuy2, and a host of other ‘raw’ formats. This is called the jumplist and it basically includes a msi tv nywhere plus drivers windows 7 menu for msi tv nywhere plus drivers windows 7 program.

I’ll try a few more mods before posting details. I did give it a shot a few times Regards, Eduardo” thanks for the time if you actualy read all that: I have the same problem and this solution doesn’t work for me.