The pen is handy in graphics and multimedia application, and the mouse is an excellent replacement for your regular wheel mouse. But all will be revealed in due course, gentle reader. Two buttons, clickable wheel doohickey. You can change the tablet alignment in the setup software, but there’s no way to make the mouse behave the way a normal one does, and turn an arc movement hinging at your wrist into a fairly straight line. But it’s re-scaled, so you end up with more vertical positioning resolution and less horizontal. The five by four inch rectangle printed on the see-through tablet overlay corresponds to your whole screen. This may also explain why earlier Wacom drivers didn’t allow you to turn off acceleration.

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Frankly, it made me feel dirty just to touch it. If you set the pen sensitivity too high, it’ll behave as if the left mouse button’s pressed whenever the pen-tip’s touching the tablet. The pen can, if you set it up that way, give you distinctly different results for everything from a bare traphire on the page that wouldn’t be enough to get the average ballpoint to leave a mark, to graphite real rip-the-paper, break-off-the-eraser grind.

The pen is a lot easier to use for selections and is more comfortable too.

But you don’t need to open the gra;hire there are no batteries to change. What’s bad about it? What you get The tablet itself, which is roughly mm square 8. Sensiva can only handle single-line symbols – no lifting of the pen is allowed.


Web hosting kindly provided by SecureWebs. Adobe’s ActiveShare has nothing in particular to do with a tablet at all.

My machine is a fairly slow one Celeron Awacom ggaphire 1 grapire marching ants performance might not vraphire an issue on faster machines. As an example, setting the mouse to linear acceleration then launching Photoshop would cause the mouse to go back to being accelerated. You can change the tablet alignment in the setup software, but there’s no way to make the mouse behave the way a normal one does, and turn an arc movement hinging at your wrist into a fairly straight line.

That is, when you have made a selection, or started a crop and the dotted rectangle is moving around graohire selection.

It’s got its own speed control. Its pointing resolution is lousy. And it’s completely immune to dirt.

The only thing that’s stopped the average graphics hobbyist from getting themselves a tablet is that the things are really expensive. A proper pressure-sensitive tablet, with a pen and a mouse. Here are the details if you enjoy math.

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There’s gotta be a catch, right? The mouse and pen also act erratically when the ants are marching on your screen in Photoshop. Bigger tablets, obviously, make fine work easier. Pens allow for a more comfortable and precise movement, and can even be used regularly for general operating system use if you like.


Now you can keep the pen graphirw contact with the tablet, for easy tracking, and only have it make a mark when you push a bit. For example, you might think that as you move the pen slowly across the tablet you would see numbers like, All of the action’s on the circuit board.


From above, fraphire mouse looks like any other cordless rodent. There’s no optical mouse pickup lens. What is Plus Membership? The driver CD in the Graphire box contains version 4. Graphics tablets are not always the first thing you’d think of when someone mentions digital imaging.

Being a slow mouser, I can’t really test it myself without becoming very nervous. Aus PC Market don’t stock the Graphire any more; here are their current tablets.

Fortunately, you can also tweak the double click setting, to allow you to move the pointer a set number of pixels in between clicks and still get a valid double click.