That’s a fairly sophisticated setup you have to configure poll lists, etc. The module accepts DF1 commands from an attached DF1 master unit. Don’t change the SLC port settings unless you have the proper cable to match, or you’ll find yourself draining the memory capacitor to get back online. The main thing I would recommend is first establish a Cable connection. By Ken Roach on 2 July, – 3: You can improve performance by using hardware handshaking to tell the radio when to stop transmitting and start listening, or by the radio being aware of the protocol that is being used the DF1 Full Duplex and Half Duplex settings so it knows when it’s seen the end-of-packet data.

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Find More Posts by panic mode. When you downloaded the programe that caused you to lose communications, did you see a warning that said you where about to lose communications? Please click here to register! Mastre Slave processor will determine if it the received data is ok.

I suppose my question is two fold; one is this correct? November 24th, You’ll also need to put the half-duplex address of the SLC I think you said it’s Node 1 in the polled slave list for the half-duplex master.

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The Master will be Node 00, the slaves Node 01 and Node The downside to this: That makes for plenty of serial traffic for you to determine connectivity, and you will have the Slave Active bits in the Master’s DF1 polling status file to determine if and when the slave nodes are connected to the network.


August 13th, I was able to communicate bi-directional.

The cable is OK. Please remember that the slave programs are included in mastdr same file ladder3 they are only there so that one can look at the MSG instructions and see what they are doing.

Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Click here now to po,ing it. Jumper the Vdd and GND pads on the back side of the main board of the SLC controller for 1 minute and the memory should be drained and it will go back to defaults. Fortune No modern woman with a grain of sense ever sends little notes to an unmarried man — not until she is married, anyway.

DF1 Master/Slave Network Interface Module for ControlLogix – ProSoft Technology Inc

Mastfr now thinking of physically resetting the processor by removing the battery. This data can be derived from other DF1 slave devices on the network through a master port or masetr the processor and is easily transferred to the processor’s data registers.

Each port is user-configurable to act as a Master or as a slave. Find More Posts by akreel. You’re off to a good start. I need the processors to be bi-directional that is manipulate a 32 point output card as well as read a 32 point input card and a 8 Analog input card.


DF1 Communication

Has any one used these serial dt1 The DF1 Half-Duplex Polling Master driver doesn’t have an Autoconfiguration option, so you will have to manually set it for the correct serial port timing and framing options.

You could double the speed by taking the write MSG’s and stopping them, perhaps only write when needed. Sign in Already have an account? If you continue browsing our website or close this banner, you accept these cookies.

Please DON’T use it for advertising, etc. The following physical connections have been d1 successfully: The module has two serial ports supporting the DF1 protocol, with each port user-configurable to act as a master or as a slave.

The following physical connections have been tested successfully:. The thing to watch out for is the Radio’s Baud rates I left them in default figuring they were automatic. By Steven on 1 July, – 2: Obviously I want to communicate to both racks bi-directionally.