The usual mayhem ensues. Instead, he’s drawn as a man holding the reins in his right hand, with a goat on his left shoulder — the star Capella — and two baby goats in his left arm. Lunsford, Robert 25 August The radiant 5 in this case appears to be near Capella, and has been attributed to the debris trail left by Comet Keiss when it passed through the solar system in In other projects Wikimedia Commons. The adjacent constellations of Gemini and Taurus are to its south-east and south-west, separating it from the mighty Orion which is directly to its south.

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The shell had a diameter of 12 arcseconds in One is a double star of magnitude 11, two arcminutes from Delta, and the other is a star of magnitude 10, three arcminutes from Delta. Since Aagjuuk represented the dawn following the winter solstice, and was used for navigation and time-keeping at night, it was extremely important to the Inuit. During winter evenings Auriga is located almost overhead, and Capella’s yellow hue marks it out.

Auriga, the Charioteer

Similarities have been noted between the pod race and the chariot race in Ben Hur: There are some people today, including the Secretary General of the Egyptian Supreme Council of Antiquities Dr Zahi Hawass, who believe suriga Tutankhamun met his early death following a chariot-racing or hunting accident rather than the murder conspiracy theories.


But the light from Capella actually comes from two separate stars.

When it comes to meteor showers, the Aurigids become active between January 31st, and February 23rd and are known for sporadic bright fireballs.

Auriga is a large constellation to thhe north of Taurus.

Hippodamia was now left in the company of both Pelops and Myrtilus. It shines with a definite yellow hue and is the most northerly of the 1st magnitude stars.

Auriga, however, is sometimes described as Myrtiluswho was Hermes ‘s son and the charioteer of Oenomaus. Cepheus ‘the King’ Constellation Overview Constellations: Hippodamia, quriga in love with him on sight, begged Myrtilus to betray the king so that Pelops might win the race.

Anderson at the inch Mt. However, chariit differs from the Sun in its metallicity ; its iron content is 1. It is of similar size to the Sun, at 1. The star is also commonly called Sadatoni.

The Constellation Auriga – Universe Today

HD is Occasional fireballs appear in the northern stream. HD is a star in Auriga with one planet orbiting it.


The Data Book of Astronomy. The stars of Auriga comprised a herd of goats, an association also present in Greek mythology.

Star Lore of the Constellations: Auriga the Charioteer

Russell, Henry Norris October Iota Aurigae may end as a supernovabut because it is close to the mass limit for such stars, it may instead become a white dwarf. The crook of Auriga stood for a goat-herd or shepherd.

Gregory 4 May It is 42 light years 1 distant and spectroscopic analysis shows it to be similar in its physical attributes to our own Sun. It also orbits very close to its star, at 0.

The Constellation Auriga

The Delta Aurigid meteor stream becomes active between September 22nd and October 23rd. Though it is often listed as a single star, it actually has three very widely spaced optical companions. It has a period of approximately days and ranges between magnitudes 5. Virgo ‘the Maiden’ Hte Musca ‘the Fly’ Constellations: The other meteor showers radiating from Auriga are far less prominent and capricious than the Alpha Aurigids.