Sound card for native hardware access Post reply. Board index All times are UTC. Thank you for your reply, i’ll look through this in a little while after coffee. Haven’t needed these type of boards – yet. To “backport” newer devices to older systems.

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This site hosts no abandonware. I’m surprised it’s supported in DOS, though.

Hope this works for you. You’ll probably need to edit autoexec. I don’t know, modern cpus are a mess. And all insustrial mobo with ISA that I seen used intel. Well, still, no way this card will work in DOS in any way shape or form.

FuzzyLogicGoogle [Bot] and 1 guest. Board index All times are UTC. For some it’s fast, for some it’s slow. If you have such MOBO available or may borrow it you can try it and let us know.

I don’t know chipsets for AMD and its limitation but it seems it’s not very new and sou it could work I don’t have access to any new AMD machine. I can’t imagine the soundblaster emulation will be up to much, and by the stage the Audigy was released, DOS games were no longer a thing as far as I’m aware.


Try to find the ISA bridge chip and look it up if you are not sure which one the motherboard is using.

And then coding of own BIOS would be total mess. Actualy, the first versions of driver weren’t without problems but people on this forum have the latest version which behave very good.

You can of course use other PCI cards, some drivers are here: I’m pretty resourceful at locating drivers for things, driverguide, googling, etc, so that shouldn’t be too difficult if it was a audig main-stream brand that made the thing.

DOS ain’t dead

In development are improvements to the existing joystick emulation, and possibly VESA support. Forgive me if this is not the right place to ask, if this it the case please point me in the right direction.

Log in Register Search: BTW see auidgy nice project http: I don’t know whether that’s because of the chipset or processor though, CMI’s SB support generally is somewhat unreliable. Regardless, it’ll be a little while before i buy either, i have to sell some old hardware on ebay to get some money so, we’ll see later.

You do not have the required permissions audugy view the files attached to this post. That aside, i need to figure out a PCI-based sound card that’s either an actual SoundBlaster or just in general any PCI-based sound card that will work as Sound-Blaster 16 compatable in ms-dos.


I am still stuck with win98se, just to be able to play dos games, but now I can’t. It works fine for most uses, but for studio recording and playback especially recordingit sucks.

VOGONS • View topic – SB Audigy RX ms-dos compatability?

If does I would be shocked. A newer motherboard’s serial port, for example, connects to the aueigy via the LPC bus; as far as Windows is concerned, however, it still appears as an ISA device. Well, is there some of yours music prodz available for download? It apparently needs drivers for Adlib sound e.

It might audiy work btw. Our musicians were fairly good hence why most of our releases were music releases not demos. The physical card is PCI-e.