It’s fair enough to look for a BIOS image on the hard drive but if it doesn’t find one then provide an option to look somewhere else. Just hangs occasionally in Windows 7. Data-CD Testing – 7: I’m looking for an avoidance procedure. Try clearing BIOS with battery out and jumper on, for a few hours or over night.

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Have not got to the bottom of that problem yet. 2014oit know why all of a sudden it recovered, it wouldn’t do it before.

DVD-R Testing – EPUDP3 There is only two ways to correct this since it is not recovering from the hard drive backup You did wait several minutes when it says recover right?

This 2014li be caused by power outages, or incorrect BIOS settings for your hardware, and of course bad flashes or anything along those lines. It did eventually, for no apparrent reason, pot luck I guess.

Not game to on this machine. Is it the one entitled “I unbricked it”. Xrw for a small amount of text or graphics. Or does the fact that it doesn’t boot from the backup BIOS indicate the motherboard is dead. We receive spam notifications and will take immediate action! Images with the largest diameters will take longest to burn.



The light from the laser causes a chemical change in the dye coating that shows up on the disc. I would go ahead and load optimized, and then update your BIOS via Qflash to the latest if you are not using it already. Where to from here? Packaging and Accessories – 4: Is the BIOS image supposed to be written to the hard drive by default? My research thus 2014ljt tells me this is a reasonably common problem with Gigabyte boards.

Then again, if the board is dead then it’s dead I guess. I also have a machine xsus EXDS4 mobo and that machine is much more critical.

Page 1 of 2 asuus 2 Last Jump to page: I’m happy to be back up but there are still some questions unanswered. Is the BIOS supposed to be stored on the hard drive by default, or is there some setting to make that happen.

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Swapped memory modules around, tried booting with just a single memory modeule tried each onesame result. Might have been able to recover if there was. Is the mobo on the way out, a bit flaky. I think I know about the fix that you said you would PM to me, I came across it during my research.


This is the quickest mode. Would you mind sending it to me anyway, just for future reference. What could possibly cause this? Want to know why?

I’m happy to write it to the hard drive but don’t know how to make it do that can’t find the option. Please report all spam threads, posts and suspicious members.

Fallback procedure is to use motherboard CD doesn’t always work from what I’ve readand aaus a last resort the unbrick it procedure doesn’t always work either. I started having some stability issues a while back as I indicated in my first post and I never quite got to the bottom of that.