Maybe it was turned on. Overall VicTsing has done a great job with the I design, creating a stunning LED backlit mechanical keyboard at around half the cost of some of the big names in the industry. I tried it on another computer and the mice and keyboard worked there so I knew it was a problem with my PC. In the BIOS it works fine. Your old keyboard if not mechanical will feel like your typing on a bowl of porridge!

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However, the Shift key still works when capitalizing letters. The I features Anti-Ghosting Technology built into all keys meaning that you can press multiple keys at once and they will all register. I tried it on another computer and the mice and keyboard worked there so I knew it was a problem with my PC. I selected all categories listed to 900aa detriment as it apparently included my previous Restore Points and also did a little disc Originally Posted by Nubcake95 I don’t think I can do a system restorecomps pretty much unusable and I don’t think I had it set up in the first place.

When I turned it on againthe same thing happenedthe mouse and keyboard were unresponsive and 900aa monitor light ieyboard flashing.

Get your wireless keyboard and mouse working

The keyboard manages this by having an independent switch for each key, ultimately improving fast paced gaming. Keyboard keybord working I was typing on facebook and my keyboard stopped working – right in the middle of typing.


I thought at first it was just my mouse so I unplugged it and tried a different portstill didn’t work.

Nubcake95 Windows 7 Ultimate 10 posts. When compared against the Cherry MX blue they give a slightly lower pitched click but have a very similar click point at around a half press. Just check things and reboot. But at Win7 it stopps working.

Mechanical Gaming keyboard Review (VicTsing I-900)

The keys have the right amount of tension so that you can rest your fingers on them without fear of accidental pressing the key down but still achieve a fast second nature click when needed. Mousemonitor and keyboard stopped working I left my computer on for about half an hour whilst I went downstairs to do somethingkeybooard I came back I had found my monitor had turned off and the power button light for it was flashing.

Not sure if this is related. Isn’t that post failure?

We also provide an extensive Windows 7 tutorial section that covers a wide range of tips and tricks. Turns out Spare keybard I have aren’t supported by my card.

I unplugged everythingremoved the cover on my case and pretty much cleared the dust out using my air blower, turned on the comp again and the fans were running fineGPu fan was running and so were the other fans.


Mhcomp Posted by bigmck Sorry about that. Originally Posted by Nubcake I’ll also check the mb inside. Find More Posts by Total. Almost forgotwhen I unplugged it from the wall and plugged it back in then turned on my compit turned keybowrd for a few seconds then turned offthen on again. Your old keyboard if not mechanical will feel like your typing on a bowl of porridge!

Mouse , monitor and keyboard stopped working – Windows 7 Help Forums

Total Windows 10 Pro – 64 bit posts. I rebooted and that did not work. Plug this bad boy in keuboard experience the satisfying audible click of each deathstrike keypress and take your gaming to the next level.

The I Amazon comes with a few more LED lights and, what might be keyboadd for you, a built-in ergonomic wrist rest. Do you have another power supply to try? The time now is The LEDs are fixed colours on each row going from top to bottom: It doesn’t flash again when the pc is on.

Device Manager says it is working Mousemonitor and keyboard stopped working.

Tested to 50 million keystrokes Non-slip Design.