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MCP2200 USB to Serial breakout board

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You might find that the MCP has an input capacitance of 5 pF a cmp2200 on my part and so the actual capacitor you add at OSC1 needs to be reduced to 5 pF. Have you used uxb in the past? Aug 2 ’17 at 1: Remember that, as far as the crystal loading is concerned, the two capacitors are in series thus the effective capacitance is halved. Also the crystal you have linked requires 5 pF shunt capacitance.

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Rather account for the possibility of having to add a resistor even a 0-ohm one rather than having to modify the PCB later because you didn’t account for it. Have you used a scope to see if the crystal is oscillating?

Development Tools Selector – DTS

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Thus I’d recommend giving it a try with:. If you are unsure if this resistor would actually be required in the final product, you can still add it to kcp2200 PCB design, so that you can mount a resistor there if it is indeed required. Right of Access Article 15 Users shall have the right to obtain from our DPO confirmation as to whether or not personal data concerning him or her are being processed, and, where that is the case, access to their personal data.

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MCP – USB – USB Bridge – USB

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Can you suggest another usb-to-uart bridge? Disclosure of these data is compulsory for making any purchase through our marketplaces. Try cutting the 3V3 trace to Vusb. It may be that you need to insert a resistor as indicated – try 10 ohm to ohm.


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I think somehow the crystal is not able to start cmp2200 there could be some race condition between voltage at Vcc and RST pin but I am not sure how to find the real problem and solve it with MCP.