When I was playing along with music on my Behringer, it was terrible. It includes Pro Tools M-Powered Essential software, which is a basic version of the software used in countless recording studios and post-production facilities around the world. I’m having issues updating the drivers though, and I’m having some fairly annoying latency issues Electric guitar directly connected to the Fastrack, guitar amp with effects section and line output directly connected to the Fastrack. I needed something that could separate the vocals and a guitar feeding into my Mac. Line Outputs Maximum Output: It can really mess up your playing because it’s impossible to keep timing like that.

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Double-click on the icon next to the system yuitar to adjust the buffer size latency, from to samples and the sample rate The quality is outstanding when recording either guitar OR vocals. So to get a correct result, mount the volume of the source in my guitar amp and decrease the volume of the entered card.

This item is no longer available.

M-Audio Fast Track Guitar Mic Recording Interface | eBay

Join the AMS family and get your free catalog now! The early days were a time where catalogs didn’t have much of a presence in the industry, but what intertace as a college dorm room operation grew rapidly. I got the FastTrack about a year ago and I was impressed with the quality for the price.


It also comes with 3GB of loops you can use in your own compositions.

According to the breath, in this slice taken, there are no miracles. I use it to start my Pro Tools and record with it.

M-Audio Fast Track overview. By the time you get to the point where the sound quality ercording the Fast Track becomes an impediment, you’ll have plenty of experience in recording, and will likely want a better audio interface for other reasons such as needing more inputs.

The drivers also add a small program that runs automatically as soon as you start Windows. My monitors connect well to it as well and setting it all up was pretty easy. Bizrate Circle of Excellence. Now I’m used to and it is much m-audlo. Considering it was my first sound card I decided to take it easy on the bill.

Powerful medium for those interested ca PC. Overall, interdace tough to fault the M-Audio Fast Track in its current incarnation.

For those that don’t know, latency is when you play something on your guitar and you hear it a few milliseconds later. If you are purchasing this because it comes with pro-tools, DON’T. The USB is the biggest killer in this. Y had any strange noises when I pressed a key on my keyboard. I can’t comment on the manual as I never read it.

M Audio Fast Track USB Audio Interface

As it stands, though, the Fast Track is quite a good buy. This was a super simple mic pre that M-Audio had sold for a bit for those looking for the bare minimums when it came to recording things.


I usually use two or three tracks reading this card, but she is able to read much more. My fashtrack complaint with it is that it only has 1 headphone jack.

M Audio Fast Track USB Audio Interface

Depending on the performance I’ll decide what will be the next step For all the hassle of trying to connect a microphone to this device, such hassle can be overlooked because of the user-friendly guitar connection. I was looking for an inexpensive USB interface to allow me to get guitar, bass and keyboard signals into my PC.

If you happen to receive a copy of M-Powered Essential that is 8. I tried to use the integrated sound card fastfrack my PC but I gave up because the latency was much too high. InI began in the computer music and I did not understand what was called the card interface etc etc Active musician, singer-songwriter Reviewer’s Ihterface Style: