Brian, I managed to decompress the file. My favorite at the moment is:. I am constantly on the move and receive huge amount of email daily. How do I get mine to look like yours? As you can see, the default HTC home screen has a grey-tone theme.

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I am not easy to give up without knowing why. I-mate Jas JAm is one of the greate PC phone what i ever saw, it was very helpful and useful during my Trip In Georgian, Kauvkasia Mountains, with the integrted GPS system it was veru easy to cordinate my roads, Batteries works perfect, Net possibilities are in good conditions, I was using Wifi and Lan connections, they are really good on this phone, I like it very much, and hope you will enjoy too.

Jasjam And Vista Drama

Even with very close observations, could not figure out what was causing the problem. It is understandable that with enough programs running, it will begin to get slow, or even crash – that is not a problem, that’s just realistic, reset the phone and move on. It happened t mine.

I have flashed the Windows Mobile 6. Before you upgrade the ROM, make sure you read the instruction at: The upgrade was for WM5, mainly on bug fixes and some Telstra apps like watching Foxtel, etc…. Once the phone is upgrade to WM6. Guest Quick Reply no urls or BBcode. LaSh said this on August 18, at Ayaz said this on November 1, at 2: Newest first Oldest first Best jxsjam.


And that just sucks. I bought one of these from Trademe and now are regretting my purchase as I assumed that it supports Skype but it does not at the moment.

So far, I have not heard vidta recall notice but unless this is done, I-Mate’s name is in great jeopardy. Will update this post when Satin is released.

To get back to factory setting: Hye, im from Brunei and i have problem with my internet explorer. I have successfully done steps 1,2,3. Fred said this on September 1, at 9: I am stuck with Step 4of6 at the following site: At home I connect via wi-fi, bista I use the 3 network – no problems, always connected.

Windows Vista – Mobile Device Center – Sync Errors

Really excellent phone all round – only downside was the price Telstra charged me. Then you should be able to flash the ROM.

I tried using Opera Mini 4. I am a HTC fan – through thick and thin jawjam otherwise I would have chucked the Jasjam in the bin by now as I do not have time to help hardware companies improve jasjsm hardware. I clicked the link and it let me save the file onto my hard drive. I chose telstra then moved to vodaphone as I travel a lot and telstra uses the khz freq.


Windows Vista – Mobile Device Center – Sync … | HTC Hermes: , TyTN, MDA Vario II, JasJam

Sorry mate if this is already answered but i am looking for layman terms. Also as claimed i had a more responsive, stable and better looking interface than my earlier MW5. OS said this on August 28, at And you can also get support from imate for that. Olipro Any recommended next step? My Director is using i-mate and he wants me to configure e-mail on his i-mate. I’m using that as my mp3 player these masjam too.

While holding left and right soft buttons together, press the soft reset hole just above the battery compartment unlock slide switch with your stylus.