We’re using PB 7. To build a version of libclntsh. The explosive growth of Maryland’s high-technology sector should continue this year. NET and Java programmers. He leads a team of analysts who cover a wide range of practices and technologies,

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The jConnect documentation is available on the Sybase Web page.

Home Database Oracle Tutorials. To find the database alias for the database you want to connect to, you can use the Oracle Net8 Easy Config utility. A data source is a logical name for a data repository or database. We’ve discussed how Oracle8’s Net8 networking component is used to communicate with an Oracle8 database, but we haven’t mentioned the Oracle Call Interface OCI library.

Connecting to Oracle / Databases

The driver is compatible with 3rd-party data analyses tools, such as Microsoft Excel, and integrates with various IDEs and systems like Visual Studio, etc. Oracle tutorials ADO and Unicode. The following table describes ColdFusion Native driver options for Oracle 7. The most likely cause of this problem is a duplicate copy of the OCIW Thank you very much in advance.

This section contains details on connecting Jaguar components to specific third-tier databases, including: Connect String The client connection string designating the server and database you want to access. Visit our Support page to get instant support from experienced professionals, fast and detailed responses, user engagement and interaction, frequent builds with bug inhersolv, and much more.


Any suggestion which is best intersllv to connect from PowerBuilder intersokv.

DLL to communicate effectively with Oracle in a way that is reliable, scalable and offers high performance when using ADO. Verify connectivity with a standalone application before configuring Jaguar to interwolv a new driver and datasource combination. This improves performance, but the resulting dynaset is not updatable. Also – is ‘Powerbuilder’ the same as ‘Powersoft Metaworks 6.


For example, consider the following SQL script:. Many application, including Powerdesigner, ship a limited driver that works only with that application. This step creates a oradle alias you use to reference the Oracle database when creating the data source in the ColdFusion Administrator. Enter the database alias you created using the Oracle Net8 Easy Config utility.

Oracle8 and Oracle8i

Art Marks, Arthur J. When you create queries that fit within regular SQL the query is processed on the server and only the result is transported over the network.

Then the Rows are filled with values as follows: For the complete list of compatible tools and environments visit the Compatibility page. The fact that it is proprietary usually means that it is slightly faster, better integrated with Oracle and more feature rich.


I’ve tested with builds to and had no problems. After using oodbc we found that the SQL scripts with index hint cause slow down, but they are working ok using Oracle 8.

NET tutorials C programming. It defines a set intereolv function calls, error codes and data types that can be used to develop database independent applications. I answered this in another section.

Note Oracle 8 users will have the original libclntsh. With our fully Unicode driver, you can retrieve and work with any data from multi-lingual Oracle databases correctly, not depending on whether its charset is Latin, Cyrillic, Hebrew, Chinese, etc. As well as Oracle Corporation, there are many third-party vendors such as Microsoft and Intersolv that provide a number of products to communicate with Intersoov.