I find that I hit my persimmon drivers low. I had friend in late seventies who played a persimmon Wilson staff driver before the laminated ones with a Xtra stiff steel shafts. Average distance with Titanium was only ? It will help you hone in on making a centered strike on the tee ball on a more regular basis. To accomplish that I do tee up the ball pretty high.

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Had to hit driver-3 persimmmon to reach some par-4s that I could normally reach with a driver-9 iron, but my short game and putting managed to keep the distance damage to a minimum. Clubs are a personal thing, whatever works for you is whatever works for you, just like no two swings are alike.

For distance I tee the ball high. He has been teaching golf for almost 25 years and uses cutting edge teaching technology to measure and help golfers of all abilities improve.

Dustin Johnson hits Jack Nicklaus’ old driver, 1-iron

That peraimmon a company still making this stuff is almost. I have a few persimmon clubs that I enjoy playing from time to time. What is the best way to hit a persimmon driver to maximize distance? Error Something went wrong.

In literal terms, the persimmon was approximately. Have only been out twice with my nephew he shoots in the 70’s sciored my first round, 92 on my second. Also I favor soft hirting balls w low spin for maximum distance.


Amateur 20hr ago What is the average cost of a round of golf?

People spent a lot more emphasis on the ball they played. Cool experience today at Bears Club. Andre 3 years ago. Learn how your comment data is processed. I suspect that the 2.

Length in the old days was std. The biggest reason for that is metal, or whatever else they try. It was on the off-center hits where the real woods were way worse. Hi I was one of the first people to sell Metal Woods in Europe in the late 70s and hittinng original idea about Metal Woods was not about distance it was about accuracy and ease of use.

They would lose a lot of distance when hit off-center. I’ll post again since my last one was 5 years ago. Loved the picture of the two heads. Compression rates have plummeted in the last 15 years from down to the current or something, making them extremely lacking with older equipment.

Metal wood heads, especially at longer lengths, took a lot of getting used to. Andrew Rice What advantage does modern driver technology hitying provide the golfer over a steel shafted persimmon club? I think it is because the modern ball spins so little compared to the old balatas.


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Dustin Johnson hits Jack Nicklaus’ old persimmon driver, 1-iron

The average distance that a lower single hitging handicapper hits the ball is which is also about the average distance on the LPGA. The popup will be closed in 10 seconds As you might expect the differences led to a substantially faster club speed with their personal drivers LG dissertation was that the persimmons tended to concentrate the end of the shot into a smaller footprint where the titanium tended to widen that landing spot.

Though the remainder of its life might be shorter than I think. The weight improves your swing and timing and makes you nail it with hittng proper spine angle, With todays club as feather sticks shafts and huge heads you just need to be about right while swinging mph and hittin achieve play ability and 30 yards more distance sometimes.