A buck buys you your first 30 days of service. It is a design that has been refined over a number of years and is the definitive outdoor GPS in the Garmin lineup. All this in a package that seems to appreciate the occasional drop onto rocks! The path was recorded continuously and without error. I had a route containing some 20 Waypoints each waypoint can contain up to 16 Chrs info which was downloaded to the unit using MemoryMap application and OSGB 1: Its IPX standard waterproofing which means you can submerge this unit in water, so heavy rain will not affect this unit. It will also give you the ability to search addresses, so it works much more like a car GPS.

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While their more budget-conscious trail products eTrex retain tactile interfaces the move now is for touchscreen versatility. Select a category icon, e. The Csx improvements over garmn older lines are wonderful! There is also no support for voice-guided navigation, instead the unit has two different tones to warn you of upcoming turns.

The altimeter is nice, but haven’t used it much. Why not write a clear manual?

When this is enabled, in the GPS Setup page, the data card in the microSD slot appears as a drive letter on your computer. Loading maps onto the memory card is a snap, using Garmin’s Mapsource software I have the ”02 version. Not ideal in freeway traffic, but I’ve gpsmwp devoted too much time to this feature.


This map contains vectorised mapping which includes some 1: This forces you to look at the unit, and if you don’t have a dashboard or windshield mount for it then that means you’re grabbing for it somewhere next to you.

It does have its… February 20, AL45 4 reviewer rep Rating: You can use the Change Reference menu item to select a new location to search near to – very handy for finding POI and locations at gar,in destination. Pressing the power button briefly cycles through the backlight brightness settings.

The processing time is really good when compared to older units and the antenna seems to always be able to get a lock on satellites. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic.

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The 60CSx screen is 38mm across and 56mm tall. Catching up with Android, the latest iOS version of the crowdsourcing traffic app can track your progress or lack thereof when it’s gridlock. I highly recommend it. Unfortunately, it is no longer produced. To enter text you move the yellow highlight to the next letter or number to enter, using the rocker pad.

Micro SD memory is a great improvement. Text entry is servicable, if a little cumbersome.


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This is a very well proven and robust GPS whose design and features have been refined over a number of years. Realtime tracking is also available. If you have to go used, 60csx is the only way to go. They take forever to ship the DVD, but if you get the card, or download format of the Gpsma; Maps, you can’t get updates.

Garmin GPSMAP 60CSx

I had a 60CSx since when they came out. There is almost nothing to dislike about this unit. The unit is pretty user friendly. It even get a pretty good signal inside my house. The UK’s greatest tech podcast presents everything you need to know from Gamescomas well as LG’s bizarre retro mobile and much more. The path was recorded continuously and without error. I use one 2gb stick for the city navigator and another for the topo mapsource. I could never get a satellite connection inside my house or my office, but I could get one with the Garmin unit no problem.

The first image below is a screen capture from an Oregon.