If a macro includes a key that has been remapped, the macro will be programmed with the remapped function of the key and not its original function. Do you think he can build it if he starts looking for the other pieces? The solution that does work is a free program called Autohotkeys www. Some background, I recently moved and shipped stuff including my keyboard by sea, but there is no apparent damage to the keyboard it was packaged well and all arrived dry and intact. Antispam – Type the last name of the captain on Star Trek:

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These are visually very similar to part numberwith the same AT style plug and chassis, silver label on the reverse bearing the AnyKey moniker, screws holding the keyboard together, macro programming requiring the control key, and lacking the AnyKey inscription on their face.

The toroid should be repositioned or covered with tape or something to blunt its edge.

Gateway AnyKey Keyboard

All versions of the AnyKey are white or very light gray with some keys notably the programming keys, extra function keys, and kyeboard in a darker gray. The solution that does work is a free program called Autohotkeys www. It’s hard to tell, but the end result is my utter disappointment.

Or, perhaps more to the point, frightening. Unplug, lather, rinse, dry for a day in a warm spot, plug in. I now have coming to me two working and one “parts” AnyKey keyboards, for not much more than twice what they cost when they were new.

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Have you read the geekhack TOS lately? Does anyone know how to get the anykey to play nicely with a USB adapter?

Can anyone offer some advice? I take it your macro is really pressing ALT and whatever number sequence. My 7 year old computer’s PS-2 Keyboard input port died.

Any sequence of key presses is valid input, including letters, numbers, keys used in conjunction with shift, alt, and control, F keys, cursor movement, remapped keys, and even other keys programmed with macros. Pressing the Suspend Macro key will cause the Program light to go out and will cause all keys programmed with macros to behave with their usual functions instead of their programmed macros.

Vintage Gateway 2000 Anykey Programmable 124-key Keyboard From Maxi Switch TESTD

Mine goes back to and still works fine. I think they basically copied the layout of the Northgate Omnikey or Ultra-T. As mentioned, the AnyKey’s programmability is entirely self-contained, so even though Windows sees a second duplicate keyboard, the keyboard itself is capable of sending out alternate sequences. That one is pretty simple, only 23 keystrokes, and I am confident it will work first time out.

Even though it was virtually identical in every way except the precise feel of the keys which is very closeI didn’t take it then. The dried paint can then be covered keybaord tape or epoxy. Suggestions welcome maybe the IBM Not as convenient as the AnyKey, but better than nothing.


Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Clearing all programming corrected the problem, but later programming again caused the problem. The Gateway AnyKey is a programmable PC keyboard that was sold with desktop computers from the Gateway company roughly from to Gatewsy you think he can build it if he starts looking for the other pieces?

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Product Key Features Keyboard Language. This keyboard can ggateway programmed simply by pressing the Program Macro key. Redrum Maybe not a lot of window defrosters either: I’m using this as a controller or command sequencer for Reaper.

I own six AnyKey keyboards and have used them for 25 years.

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I wonder if a thin strip of foil across that break would fix it? Remapping, and macro programming. The Keybosrd is the first line of defense.