I can program this into any key that I want, eg, the F1 key, and use the F2 key to unmute all vo tracks, by adding a hyphen in front of the same command sequence. The AnyKey is constructed of a plastic chassis that is large compared to most modern keyboards partially owing to the extra columns of keys on the left side and also slightly thicker than most keyboard casings of the present era. This section has multiple issues. After remapping, the old key will retain its original function even after being remapped elsewhere, effectively creating two copies of the same key. Completely wiping the keyboard memory also wiped the corruption. Can anyone offer some advice?

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A macro will go bad and print gibberish, and will repeat the same gibberish every time I play it back.

Problem is that the programming function doesn’t work. So that the letter “n” on my keyboard types are you ready for this?

Gateway AnyKey

Remapping, and macro programming. He took every key off the board and cleaned underneath it. But when I recieved my new computer from dell im very disapointed did not come with a ps2 keyboard port.

Over a year ago, when my own AnyKey malfunctioned to the point that I declared it deceased, he offered his up. I took action that I should have done right from the beginning, but didn’t because the consequences are Its most common vintage seems to be Close search Search this site. The internals of this version of keyboard are held together with many small yellow zinc plated screws that hold the metal plate, membrane, rubber dome layer, and plastic support layer together as well as holding all of the above into the chassis.


After it is remapped somewhere else, the original or ‘old’ key can be remapped to a different function or have a macro programmed to it. I now have two working AnyKeys, and three more coming in the mail. I am also a lover of the old Anykey keyboard. A pencil eraser works well on the contact surfaces to clean off the contacts. It has some adhesive on there but it seems to have lost its stick due to age. It’s hard to tell, but the end result is my utter disappointment.

The problem seems to be in the electronics. Because this functionality is self-contained in the kb, the computer needs no awareness that the incoming sequence is programmed — it just receives it as regular input though at a very high speed and responds accordingly. Years ago I know there was some paint on stuff that would repair breaks like that.

That style of directional keypad has been around for quite some time although without diagonal buttons. Probably the repair pens for car rear window defrosters would work too.

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I had the same problem and got an Sii PS2 card and an adapter cable, which didn’t work with my Dell Dimension. The keyboard featured advanced programmability, making it possible for users to re-program the Anykey keyboards in unintentional ways. Wait — I know what I’ll do: Is it incompatibility with Keyboad 10 or is this keyboard faulty?


At first I thought it was, that perhaps he’d ordered one off the Internet. 0200 Hijack jEmplode emphatic Repairs: I’m a lefty and preferleft function keys.

Return to General Old Hardware. Any suggestions where I might go next with this would be greatly appreciated! The AnyKey’s EEPROM memory will retain its data even if the keyboard is unplugged indefinitely, so settings and programming aren’t lost if the computer is powered down, unplugged, or if the keyboard is unplugged or moved to a different computer.

drivers – AnyKey Keyboard Software? – Super User

I am also using it with a new Dell with a ps2 to USB adaptor. There is a silvery gray label on the underside bearing the Gateway name and logo, the Anykey logo, the keyboard’s FCC ID number, an FCC Part 15 warning, and the least pertinent part of the model number: Many unreferenced claims given and original research Please help improve this article if you can.


These are visually very similar to version 1 keyboards, with the same AT style plug and chassis. If that doesn’t work, then disassemble the keyboard difficult with your model and clean the Mylar contact sheet, then re-seat and secure with RTV silicone or with good quality packaging tape the circuit board where it attaches to the Mylar sheet.