You must log in or sign up to reply here. So lately I’ve been researching all the options for 4″ full-range drivers and I’m just looking for opinions and thoughts about the various options. Either way, I now feel like I’m making a “Donkey’s rear end of myself”. If someone has a good circuit they are using for a commercial product and not sharing it with DIY people. Yes, my password is:

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The driver is well built full like most Fostex units, it sounds excellent. I do it all of the time! A lot of the high end commercial stuff is built from political contracts, deals, and swindles with SQ taking a second or third seat.

I had a lot of success with this driver in a Sealed Bipole Speaker Enclosure. Its amazing to hear high end audio for just a few bucks.

Sometimes I spend weeks — even months mulling over minute circuit details. See the modifications and tweaks for the Fostex FEEn fullrange speaker driver for an example. Gary WarrenOct 6, I am enjoying this quite a bit.


Fostex FEE Fullrange Loudspeaker Driver

Lin has played around with both foxtex these drivers. You must log in or sign up to reply here. I’ve heard an F5 amp that someone built and it’s great. Go to the Dange. Lansing Alnico 8 inch speakers which are rather rare to come by. I bet you have one happy friend.

The results shown below are the average of four drivers which were very closely matched. Rolf EricksonOct 4, Good luck with yours!

No highs, no bass, sunk-in sounding mids They are currently running at a friends house and he fe12e7 ’em. Keep having fun and remember that in the end it is about the music. Single driver, front or rear ported bass reflex Driver: I have the 10 inch in a big cabinet and they sound fantastic with the Beatles Remasters.

I recently purchased a pair of FEE’s.

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Oct 20, at 4: What are you talking about, those are great. That these don’t sound all that great? I built a pair of Bass Reflex Fostex E full range speakers a few years back.

No wonder everyone is switching to turn tables! I have helped cold callers who get to me too. I also considered the Jordan JX92S but they are out of my current budget.

I hate to do this. FE127E

I have been working on a LRC phono preamp rajge all with easy to find parts naturally. For more information or to arrange a home audition, e-mail Fritz at info fritzspeakers. Post 2 of 6.