Take a look at the eMachines T for a competent system that won’t drain your wallet. Most users will probably just leave the programs on the system, clogging up its hard drive. The eMachines T is another decent budget choice made better, but some of the components are starting to look dated. His background includes managing mobile, desktop and network infrastructure on both the Macintosh and Windows platforms. Just like in the car market, the PC market is becoming defined by price points and features.

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eMachines T – Review – PCMag Australia

The eMachines brand was discontinued in It’s not much of a performer but it certainly is budget friendly and comes with a two year warranty. Still a lot of bloatware. Init was acquired by Gateway, Inc. Housed in the same case as other current eMachines systems, down to the front panel and even the motherboard inside, the T is hard to tell apart from the top-of-the-line eMachines T Joel is proof that you can escape the retail grind: A good single-core processor, Media Center, plentiful hard drive space, and a dual-layer DVD burner will keep the mid-level user happy and give the advanced novice room to grow.

eMachines T Specs – CNET

Check out the eMachines T’s test scores. Overall the T is a decent buy that has just enough upgrade options to make it a solid secondary PC.

But at this price, you shouldn’t expect it to do much more than e-mail, Web surfing, and light office tasks—and it doesn’t. The eMachines ETe is an affordable desktop system that gives you everything you need to get up and running out of the box.


On the downside, there are only two RAM slots, both filled, so you’d have to ditch the current RAM sticks if you want to upgrade and if you’re thinking of purchasing the system to mod its innards, the single-core processor will hold you back. The Norton Internet Security trial subscription has been reduced from the 90 days in previous eMachines models to 60 days.

These lackluster benchmark test numbers were borne out when Emchines used the T for an afternoon. This page was last edited on 5 Decemberat Acer Gateway Packard Bell.

The dirt-cheap eMachines T can handle basic Web-surfing and word processing fine, but it’s built on rapidly aging technology that will need replacement within a year or two. The eMachines T is another decent budget choice made better, but some of the components are starting to look dated. The eMachines T is a capable, basic and, above all, cheap PC. Viewing HD trailers probably isn’t the main use for a budget PC. Its consumption of 58 watts in idle mode was low compared with a g3642 tower but still higher than in most systems marketed as 3t642.

If you want more power than you can get with a PS4 or an Xbox, you need a desktop. Nonetheless, its feeble performance at this relatively simple task is a good indication that it’s not suitable for much besides basic surfing, word processing, and the like.


The eMachines T is like what the Kia Spectra is to autos—a basic, economy PC with enough functionality to emaachines an undemanding user happy.

eMachines T3642

I timed it at 2 minutes 28 seconds on our Windows Media Encoder test, which is twice as long as most mainstream systems take. Then again, at this price point, that’s about all a user should expect. The eMachines T is a fine if pedestrian PC for those with average computing needs.

Like the T, the T comes with the bane of the mass-market consumer PC: Free Norton Internet Security subscription drops to 60 days.

The T’s energy usage was unremarkable as well. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. At least you can remove most of this stuff, though it will take you an afternoon of uninstalling and rebooting if you’re savvy enough to figure out what you do and don’t need. It’s a decent, cheap desktop for those who need a system that will get them on the Internet and save their digital photos until they burn them to a CD.

The T’s energy usage was unremarkable as well. It will get you up and running on the Internet, fmachines if you already have a broadband connection in your house.