This indication appears if a single card has been installed. If the number of tracks you use exceeds the computer’s processing capability, a sync error occurs, which causes skipped sounds and pop noises. However please note that to record sysex or controller data into the event list of these sequencers, you will still need to configure a Hubi pipe as with previous drivers. Even with a soft BCAN like mine, you can register a number of tracks incalculable. The DS does not have any restrictions or problems related to the use of plug-ins, although problems or restrictions may apply to some application programs. The A-Playback Object can be found at the bottom of the page.

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Yamaha DSP Factory

Also note that Hubis loopback does not work under NT4. Finally the need to take a fresh look at many sequencers for this web site’s Spot Review section made me take yet another look at Logic, this time version 3. Two cards Yamaha DS in cascade. Yamaha UK would like to thank Trond for his mmac work on this project. I am told this is a possible addition to the SoundDiver XG module but it is not included in the present version. Reduce the number of recording or playback tracks using your application program.

If you pan normalized audio hard left or right using the DSP-Factory mixer parameter, the volume level is raised by a maximum of 3dB.

Do not attempt to use it under Win98SE. If you have any comments or questions drop us e-mail. I discovered through idle conversation that my new dentist’s two young daughters were very fond of the music I had done for Aladdin for the Sega Genesis and I am reviewing a new CDR burner from Yamaha so I promised him I would make a d2s416 CD with the Aladdin music done on the sound canvas the device on which it was originally composed just for his girls.


There is a wealth of very good audio processing algorithms built into the DS and they are all done in hardware so not only will they probably sound better than your DirectX Plugins but they won’t suffer from stuttering or crashing and you can use more of them at the same time without needing to own the fastest computer on the market.

This review was written a long time back. This can be set within the supported application.

If some files are not loaded correctly when you start DSck, the DS will not operate correctly. Can I use this driver software along with my other software plug-ins? You can also easily switch from using Logic in the DS mode to its standard mode where most of its higher functions are missing but you can now use as many ,ac Plugins as your system can handle.

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to open files in this archive. We have added the EAX support in these drivers.

I spent a while with Ds24166 but it has never taken notation seriously as the main window for composing so I could not take the program seriously even though most other aspects of Cakewalk are excellent.

The program has improved in ease of use over the years and the few problems I mentioned before will probably be solved either in version 4. Yamaha DS Drivers 1.

BootLegStudio’s review – Yamaha DS (DSP Factory) – Audiofanzine

We have fixed many previous bugs in these drivers and also new core code now supports the ASIO 2. A PR campaign by Emagic gave the distinct impression that Logic 4. Although Musicator is probably the least powerful program of the three it mca very high marks for ease of use and a short learning curve.


If you have not created a button object in the Effect RTN module, you cannot automate Effect parameters. DS allows up to 32bit recording,although it depends third-parties software. This mc set is for non ASIO users only! The first tune took a while since I had never used any of these functions before. This new driver comes with a readme text file which covers installation.

yamaha ds2416 dsp factory Specifications:

If this was a normal review it would be a long time before we could post any more for you to read about the DSP Factory but since this is a Spot Review you will be able to read more about this impressive hardware on a regular basis. Only mca is that I will not repeat the same purchase: Frankly there are things I really like about nearly every sequencer I have ever tried but I have found you have to settle on one or two or you will never get any work done.

Make sure that the following files are located in the specified location: We have fixed some bugs and added the following product’s instruments information: For this reason reviewing the DSP Factory is a major task.