It responds like lightning to average arm speeds and is very forgiving of release problems. When moving up to higher speed discs its best to start with the understable ones in that speed range first. This disc golf driver is easy to control and holds an almost perfect line on big …. Nearly all discs become somewhat less overstable as they wear. The Discraft Elite Z Thrasher is an understable maximum distance driver 0. Discraft took the best aspects of the Avenger, its speed and glide, and flatted the edge. Can’t go wrong with either of them, I’d recommend the discraft mix myself.

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The Discraft Elite Z Glide is a long range understable fairway driver The Discraft Big Z Vulture is a moderately overstable 1. Find more helpful info on these links: Other useful info on these links:.

What do you guys think of these beginner sets? [Archive] – Disc Golf Course Review

The Discraft Elite Z Mantis is a slightly overstable maximum distance driver 0. It is a very popular with new players and files straight with very little fade. The Discraft Z Undertaker is an overstable distance driver 1.


Discraft Magnet – Jawbreaker. Use it to hit pinpoint gaps, and take advantage of its nice glide for super smooth, buttery anhyzers. Only 10, were made so don’t miss out on one of the most collectible discs of the decade!

This straight flier doesn’t get flippy for power throwers, isn’t hard to control for low-power playe…. Discraft Heat – Titanium. If you’re already familiar with disc golf or a seasoned vet, you may even have these discs in your bag already! Thator find out what people have on here. These are much more easy to control, especially when the discs are new.

Let’s cut to the chase. The high glide and low fade allows players with smaller hands and lower arm speeds to throw with precision accuracy, making it a great beginner friendly putter. Starting with a light weight, understable, Discrat, mid range driver or multi-purpose disc dizcraft disc is recommended for new players. The Heat has been hailed as a breakthrough for its ability to deliver …. So grab one and go. This straight flier doesn’t get flippy for power throwers, isn’t hard to control for low-power playe….


You need to learn an understable mid before moving up to an understable fairway-driver like a Star Leopard.

Discraft Beginner Disc Golf Set

Hopefully the weights are appropriate. Discraft Vulture – Z Big. Only 1, were made. The Discraft Pro-D Stratus is an understable fairway driver It has great glide and high turning ability making it a great hyzer flip disc.

Distance drivers are more difficult to control than mid range drivers and for players with little or no experience. Discraft Stratus – X. Avoid overstable discs until you gain some experience. The Discraft Elite X Xpress is an extra long range understable fairway driver 0.

The Ruby truly is the perfect beginner disc. You can simply remove the item from your cart. Here are the links The important thing to understand is that there is no such thing as a ‘beginner disc.