Same for the second adapter that is shown in the list. Audio Vendor Class interface 0 found Nov 14 No AC97 audio processor [ Hi, I now have the deb-package installed. New USB device strings: Thanks for posting a more elaborate answer! However, I’m not convinced by this:

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So I installed the dvb-tools. Bus Device Email Required, but never shown.

– How to get Cinergy HTC Stick (ID 0ccdb2) with DVB-T running? – Ask Ubuntu

I2S Audio 3 sample rates Nov 14 Choose a channel and enjoy. Now some system information Ubuntu I wanted to help someone else, listing all the frontends of his DVB receivers. Successfully loaded em28xx-dvb [ All the muxes are found without any issues.

I appreciate any help. I have compared the muxes and they are not the all the same. It’s possible that the two versions are getting the mux list from a different place, and one is wrong. If you need more Informations give me a command.


Normally is should work with Ubuntu Sign up using Facebook. On Ubuntu, as there is no “stable” version of tvheadend, I installed it from the “beta”. Start scanning for channels and when it’s done, move them to the other left column.

DVB interface 0 found usbcore: Make a note of the muxes that OpenElec is using, and see if they’re the same in Ubuntu. Hi, I now have the deb-package installed.

I am located in Munich, Germany. However, I’m not convinced by this: Default and alternate sample rates are the same. Added by David K.

Video interface 0 found: I add the muxes by region automatically, run the search and then combine the channels – super easy, works perfectly! The device now works with fine with Kaffeinexx not with Me TV.

[linux-dvb] Anatomy of the TerraTec Cinergy HTC USB XS HD stick

If the Ubuntu list is wrong, you can add them all manually or you can add one and enable “auto-detect muxes” to find the rest.


I just wanted to let you know though, that you can always edit your answer by clicking the edit button right underneath the text of your answer. New device interface 0, class 0 em28xx: However, your device is not quite so new and may work. C Netfilter Core Team [ uusb I downloaded the file and copied it to both of those directories.

Copyright C Markus Rechberger Nov 14 So far, unable to recognise device. It is version 3.