Please note that you will need Administrator Rights for the following steps. Open XL log Config. Otherwise, blank characters are output. No part of this work may be reproduced or transmitted. Up-to-date address information is.

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Vector CAN Interface Support from Vehicle Network Toolbox – Hardware Support – MATLAB & Simulink

If two different voltage supplies are being used for logger and test equipment, the ground GND pins of the two voltage supplies must be connected. If the measurement setup requires more than one Vector network interface, a synchronization of all connected interfaces and their hardware clocks is needed. List View context menu The Filters list view is right click sensitive and offers a context menu as follows: When a fixed column width is set, this value must be at least 25 characters for this display option.

Trigger if a LIN Sync eevice occurs.

Saves the project with the current project name. About the software The most recent versions of the applications contained on the accessory disc can be downloaded from the Korg website http: Source Code File name and source code.


Vector CAN Interface Support from Vehicle Network Toolbox

Please note that you will need Administrator Rights for the following steps Version 5. Now you can change the channel assignment of column Chan by double clicking it or by a right click followoed by Modify channel assignment. Triggers can be used to control the start and stop of the logging session or to send a CAN message. The following options are available in the dialog: Sync pulse Beep Beep and sync pulse Send message A sync pulse is generated when the trigger occurs.

This symbol warns you not to edit the specified file Version 4. Continue with the Installation After confirming you have the system requirements, proceed with either installation option listed below. This symbol calls your attention to warnings. Blank lines may be inserted before this line. Otherwise valid configuration will be reported. A CANape dialog opens, where the signals can be chosen and applied.

The information in this guide is subject to change for improvement without notice.

Manual. Vector XL log Config. CANcaseXL log Configuration Version English – PDF

All rights including translation reserved. All technical information, drafts, etc. J databases are only required for CANoe to interpret the log files with J data and to display them correctly in the trace windows of CANoe.


If this checkbox is enabled, the unit related to the selected time format is appended to the value. A doubleclick opens the channel dialog.

Select a Web Site

The filter settings block all received messages except for the specific message which is logged. Only the point is accepted as decice separator. Specified condition of the trigger. Reproduction in any manner. List view columns Filename Channel Name of the database.

The logging is not stopped.

Hardware Each installed Vector device is shown in Hardware. In certain cases it might be not needed to check for a specified message ID. All trademarks, trade names or company names are or can be trademarks or registered trademarks of their particular proprietors. The display name can be set in the Database Editor in the field Display name.