I would love to hear the results of your testing! Neither of these drivers helped me out. Net from Epson Expert. The Samsung SRP features thermal printing on 80 mm wide paper. Chandler, Here the latest CCO; http: In addition, this is re-implementing the POS. I actually did try to use the Samsung as an Epson with no luck.

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Net, so native Pos.

Samsung Bixolon

Do I need to use the epson opos. The opinions here in are probably but not necessarily those of Yort, but are certainly not opps of any person, company, or organisation related or unrelated to Yort, unless otherwise stated.

Neither of these drivers helped me out. Order cables separately, see accessories.

Friday, September 04, Pos. There are some positive comments about their devices with POS for.

Samsung SRP-350 OPOS issue

Hi Anonymous re Zebra SOThat is indeed a shame, although not suprising as it is typical of service objects it seems. Want a correction made? The deployment is simpler and they should be faster no COM.


Recommended Receipt Paper for Model: Maybe I will try vixolon explore this a little further. Power Description Input Voltage: I would appreciate any help you could offer me. Second, the ZPL language itself it much more robust than the UPOS standard, so for anything more than very basic receipt printing, the Zebra service object will be a disappointment.

Yort 6 September at We will see if they respond. Net to locate, instatiate and manage the device s from your code.

Bixolon SRPPG Receipt Printer – Best Price Available Online – Save Now

NET library that I know nothing about. I will try to do some testing on it and post the results.

Anonymous 8 September at There is native POS for. He also has a. Send an email with the details to Yort.

My only suggestions would be to either create your own service object using the SDK you have szmsung another one to handle the internals, or simply create your own biometric device interface and implement that using the SDK. You should note that Honeywell POS for.


Hi yort, i have escalated the issue with Authentec driver to Authentec senior management. Update me with the latest news from Barcodes Inc. Yort 15 September at The post asmsung from the Yort On. Cutter Barcode Symbology Supported: You’ll need to choose a username for the site, which only take a couple of moments here.

I actually did try to use the Samsung as an Epson with no luck. Net versions are available. However, creating a service object isn’t always easy depending on the device type and behaviour requirements of the contract.