Never played with them though. BTW, he also has a soundfont of his own; “Sinfonia”, and “Sinfonietta” the smaller version of “Sinfonia”. My SC has Reverb and Chorus buttons on the front. Users browsing this forum: I’ve been too busy yesterday and today, but I’ll try testing tonight. This site hosts no abandonware. The layout is almost the same as the Live!

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I thought Windows 98 would already support the joystick.

Has this been seen before? On the general tab, try to add the controller you have connected to the game port and then check again.

Thanks for rekindling my memory. I had a look on the net, and it’s still going strong.

SB AWE64 Gold/CT4390 and Windows XP

I’m building a retro Windows 98se PC and wanted to use this soundcard, but the joystick shows as not-connected. I’ll test it and see if that works. Aee64 disclaimer is brought to you thanks to the BSA. BrettD Seniorius Lurkius Registered: And also this application: Never played with them though.


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Had a look on the Creative support site and found the basic “no thrills” drivers for Windows 7 64 bit. If you like install everything or just the items you want.

I vaguely remember having problems with joysticks on AWE64 under Windows BTW, he also has a soundfont of his own; “Sinfonia”, and “Sinfonietta” the smaller version of “Sinfonia”. Dec ae64, Posts: Band in a box.

Ok got a X-Fi XtremeMusic underway. I know Windows 98 supports this joystick, but does the sound card have support? There is no material that is knowingly illegal here. I’ll try removing the Microsoft gameport driver like you suggest.

I got it together with a large box of all sorts of Sidewinder stuff incl. The layout is almost the same as the Live!

VOGONS • View topic – Creative AWE64 Gold and Sindewinder Joystick

Probably should upgrade but just buiding up a system from spare parts for a friend. I watched some videos of it on their website, and it looks impressive. There is no menu like the one shown in that thread. This disclaimer awe46 brought to you thanks to the BSA. Or did Creative stop using sound fonts with these new cards? It’s probably not much help, but since you asked, to my knowledge there aren’t WinXP incompatibilities with ISA cards.


With SoundFont Bank Manager you can: My website with reviews, demos, drivers, tutorials and more Last edited by Mau1wurf on You might want to try a different set of speakers or headphones, just to make sure it isn’t a problem of your current speakers. System says the card is working properly but no sound. But anyway, the driver is required for the joystick to work.