BatteryEater Classic Test mAh battery load: However, a somewhat low contrast becomes apparent. The key layout is inconspicuous , since all keys are found at the common positions and can be hit securely and well. Notably, a webcam isn’t offered. Would you buy this? On the right side are one USB 2. Whether this mobile computer fulfils the requirements of a portable notebook fair is the topic of this review.

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Depending upon the used larger battery pack, the running times are appropriate for instance 2x or 3x over this value.

The absence of a bolting device mechanism of the display is to be criticized with the Asus U5F as with some other sub-notebooks. The U5F will appeal to those who want an incredibly portable solution for office applications and digital media playback without the need to play games. Due to the matt display and sufficient brightness it is possible to use the Asus U5F outdoor and also at sunshine if the sun does not hit directly the display.

The lack of a scrolling pad was also inconvenient. Performance Given its powerful set of internal components, we expected the U5F to trounce the competition in the performance stakes. Please review our terms of service to complete your newsletter subscription. The U5F’s port layout includes most of the weries inputs and outputs, but one curious omission is an S-Video port — the only way to hook the notebook up to an external display is through the VGA output. Small serles, durable and compact casea bright and mirror-free displaywhich can be used outdoor to some extent and an equipment with two differently largereplaceable batteries.


The Asus U5F is nearly completely coloured in anthracite coal black.

The noise results in In addition, also still u5v mAh battery is available for the notebook, which makes the notebook accordingly longer network-independent. ASUS offers two different colour options; jet black and pearl white and the sales package also includes a carry case and wired Bluetooth mouse.

Concerning the temperature emissions the Asus U5F gets a good reference. Under load a maximum volume of BatteryEater Classic Test mAh battery load: In addition, the DVD multi drive assembly is on this side.

Google Pixel XL 8.

ASUS U5F / U5 Series

Even, if you do not occupy the connections of a subnotebook as much as possible as with a desktop replacement, you must point out, that those ports might obstruct the handling of the laptop because of the lateral arrangement.

The U5F is easily one of the longest lasting notebooks we’ve reviewed. The large, well-spaced keys are comfortable to type on, and we didn’t notice a “stiff” feel to them as we’ve done on many previous designs. The U5F received a World Bench 5 score of 60, which we were slightly disappointed with.

Furthermore, the automatic tightening mechanism closes with relatively small strength. Asuz Notebookcheck was founded, I worked as a developer of bookkeeping software. We show the least amount of ads whenever possible.


The ultra-portable U5F comes in two different shells — “jet black” and “pearl white”. This is a functional resolution for an ultra-portable, although we would have preferred a maximum higher resolution such as x pixels. We tested the black model and, aside from the garish stickers that flank the touchpad, we found the design to be both clean and attractive.

ASUS U5F Review: – Notebooks – Ultraportable – Good Gear Guide Australia

It offers excellent battery life and solid performance. A waterproof, rugged walkie-talkie phone. Loudspeaker The maximally possible total volume of the speakers, which are attached at the front edge of the notebook, is somewhat low. The Asus U5F weighs only 1. Straight outlines and a clear layout dominate the design, as we know it from other Asus notebooks. The U5F keyboard stretches across almost the entire width of the casing so the keys are well spaced out and comfortable to use.

Whether this mobile computer fulfils the requirements of a portable notebook fair is the topic of this review.