Windows boxen by default seem to block IRC ports so go find yourself a Linux box ;. To clone the tree: Except where otherwise noted, content on this wiki is licensed under the following license: Table of Contents Introduction. Known issues and limitations Using Bluetooth in parallel with wireless coexistence mode can affect your Bluetooth performance.

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Device tree bindings and customization Although there are no generic device tree bindings for the Bluetooth driver itself, there is a bluetooth node on the ConnectCore 6 device tree file that contains the following properties: To clone the tree:. Please take into account the different timezones and schedules, it might take a long time to get an answer.

You get better answers that limux. All the development happens on Kalle Valo’s ath.

When active, it disables the Bluetooth block the radio and the UART interface and places it into sleep state. Before kinux the operating system, U-Boot writes the MAC address into the device tree bluetooth node as property local-mac-address.

Sidebar Users main page. The same solution can be used in larger devices that take advantage of isolation between Wi-Fi and Bluetooth antennas, as well as smaller devices that share a single-antenna for both radios.


You know Atherosright? As a result, the new solution can offer the highest 1-stream When driven low, it turns off ae6233 the core voltages of the Bluetooth block and all state information is lost. PR after the break. Bluetooth updated on 28 February Billed as “the first SIP solution to support the new Bluetooth 4.

Atheros debuts first Bluetooth 4 / n system-in-package

It even documents how to send patches with liunx format-patch. Lijux architecture works with ARM or x86 processors, and is expected to be in volume production in Q2, This driver is upstream as part of the Linux 2. The Bluetooth interface is connected to the i. Visit the ath6kl contribution map for details on contributions. Atheros is the only connectivity vendor to support the full range of tablet platforms, enabling customers to streamline their development and procurement processes. Wi-Fi provides fast network connections for downloading and sharing digital content, while Bluetooth enhances the usability of devices with simple connections to wireless keyboards, mice, headsets and computers.

The AR provides a cost-effective way for manufacturers to add dual-band wireless capabilities, by adding a minimal number of components to their design. The company known for its various wireless networking products has libux announced a little something called the AR Everyone are welcome to subcribe to the list. The driver only supports up to 10 simultaneous BLE connections.


Creative Commons Attribution 4.

WiFi module for i.MX53

Show full PR text. Some wireless variants of the ConnectCore 6 system-on-module assemble Atheros chip AR, which is Bluetooth capable.

Although there are no generic device tree bindings for the Bluetooth driver itself, there is a bluetooth node on the ConnectCore 6 device tree file that contains the following properties:. These modules are built with coexistence in mind and handle the Bluetooth coexistence internally. If you’d like to help keep this information up to date contact the ath6kl maintainers. xr6233

Re: [PATCH] bluetooth: remove wrong dependency for BT_ATH3K

You’ll get an e-mail as soon as this page gets updated. You should subscribe to this page so you can linuux e-mail updates on changes and news for ath6kl automatically. Features Atheros chip AR supports the following Bluetooth features: To learn more about git you can refer to our Git guide.

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