The series comes preloaded with an application that fits the requirements of System Five. Select ESC to skip the naming process. There are a series of programs available in the Windows Start menu once the installation has completed. GoBetween Learn more about extensive support and product info update. Select OK to load the program. After inserting the disk into the drive open the drive in Windows Explorer.

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This can only be done after the software suite is installed on the machine and the Windows com port has been configured to talk to the 8200. Windows XP and Windows 7, the two main operating systems in use at the moment, have very similar ways. Loading an series application onto an handset will render it useless until the handset flash memory has been erased and the program with the proper application is reloaded.

Enterprise Mobile Computer

This section covers installing the suite of software application onto a Microsoft Windows computer. Case Studies CipherLab Wireless Smart Scan – Managing inventory of retail business in a timely and error-free fashion For the users who want to avoid tedious inventory recounts and improve efficiency and productivity during the stocktaking process on retail floors, CipherLab WSS designer helps to generate a customized screen layout setting for quick data entry and identify duplicate scans in quick succession with instant feedback Use the Browse button to go to C: Except where otherwise noted, content on this wiki is licensed under the following license: It’s a quick way of checking that the ports and baud rates have been set properly on the handset.


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The model is replacing the series that have been used for about the past 10 years. Select OK to load the program.

There are a few different ways to access the Device MAnager in Windows. Technical Inquiry Get more technical information and support.

CipherLAB 8200 Series Configuration

The data terminal is all you need for constant productivity. After Windows has completed its installation it is possible to check that the installation has completed correctly. The section on installing the vcom fcom should be completed before performing these steps.

Power on the handset.

Usb Vcom Driver – Download Drivers

Select ESC to skip the naming process. The com port number, COM6, will most likely be a different number on different systems. If there are it is possible that the handset contains a faulty component and the supplier should be contacted for verification.

The com port will only appear in Windows after the installation has been successfull. No errors should be returned during the test. Once the handset is then plugged into the USB cable ad tuirned on, the device will be installed to the system. This will remove the application and program from the handset rendering it useless until a new program is loaded.


The image below is from the CipherLab english manual available on Disk 1 shipped with the handset. A copy of the manual may also be downloaded through the support area of the CipherLab website. It allows the scanning of a barcode and the entry of the quantity, and when the data is read from the handset it is in a comma seperated CSV text file. After inserting the disk into the drive open the drive in Windows Explorer. The installation of the is different to the and any application currently used for the model MUST be rewritten for the model.

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This section covers installing the priver file into Windows first. For more information please visit our Privacy Policy page. The series comes preloaded with an application that fits the requirements of System Five. This scenario is for a handset being directly connected to a computer with a USB cable. User Tools Log In.